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Bring the killers of T. Nhaveen to justice

Dena Williams
4 months ago I Signed

Malaysian teen T Nhaveen was brutally murdered by a group of homophobic school bullies. His killers must be brought to justice.

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18-year-old T. Nhaveen was killed after a group of high school bullies set upon him for over two hours and beat, burnt and raped him.

The Malaysian teen was due to move to Kuala Lumpur and begin University in the coming days, but the group of eight left Nhaveen with severe injuries and he was pronounced brain dead. He has since died from his injuries.

While Nhaveen’s sexual orientation is unknown, his death was motivated by homophobia.

We must make sure that his killers face justice for the horrendous attack.

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33346 signed of the 100000 goal