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Repeal Nigeria's horrific anti-LGBT law

Amber Gipe
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Overturn the law which was this week used to bring criminal charges against 53 people, just for attending an alleged gay wedding

In 2013, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed the far-reaching Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, which has been exploited to clamp down on the LGBT community.

The law doesn't just target people who have gay sex - it can be used to target anyone who is part of an LGBT group, anyone who attends a same-sex commitment ceremony, and anyone who says publicly that it's OK to be gay.

Human Rights Watch says the law has been abused by police, leading to "arbitrary arrest and extortion" of LGBT people.

The HRW report warned: "The law has become a tool being used by some police officers and members of the public to legitimize multiple human rights violations perpetrated against LGBT people.

"Such violations include torture, sexual violence, arbitrary detention, violations of due process rights, and extortion."

The law also gave a green light to vigilante violence, with "rising incidents of mob violence" against gay people, who are often too afraid to go to the police.

This week, the legislation was used to target 53 people in Zaria, who police claim attended a same-sex wedding.

This law goes beyond simply targeting people for being gay. 

It targets them for what they believe, what they feel, and who they associate with.

It is a violation of the basic principle of universal human rights and we believe it should be repealed.

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Overturn Nigeria's Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, which has been used to target the LGBT community

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495 signed of the 500 goal